CEH: Butylenes Report

CEH: Butylenes

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Aug 2020. Butylenes, also referred to as butenes, are four-carbon mono-olefins that are produced in various hydrocarbon processes, principally catalytic cracking in refineries and steam cracking in olefins plants. These processes yield isomeric mixtures of butene-1, cis- and trans-butene-2, and isobutylene. Butylenes for chemical feedstock are diverted from streams with the appropriate isomer content. Both isomer and purity requirements for chemical production vary depending on the intended application. Derivatives of butylenes range from polygas chemicals and methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE)—where crude butylenes streams may be used—to polybutene-1 and linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), which require high-purity butene-1.

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  • Publish Date: 2020-08-31
  • Chemical Focus: Olefins
  • Number of Pages: 184
  • Content Type: Report
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    • Global summary; regional coverage
    • Producers with annual capacities and plant sites
    • Consumption and five-year forecast by end-use application
    • Price and production figures and trends
    • Trade imports and exports

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