CEH: Styrene-Butadiene Elastomers (SBR) Report

CEH: Styrene-Butadiene Elastomers (SBR)

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Apr 2022. Styrene-butadiene elastomers (SBR) are the largest-volume synthetic rubber in the world. There are two major types of SBR—emulsion and solution. Emulsion SBR (ESBR) continues to lose ground to solution SBR (SSBR), which is better suited to meet the increasingly stringent specifications of high-performance tires. Nevertheless, emulsion SBR grades still account for the dominant percentage of total world capacity as of 2021. However, as most new SBR capacity additions are based on the solution SBR process, the share of emulsion SBR will continue to decrease marginally through the forecast period to 2026. The tire industry is the dominant consumer of SBR, accounting for the majority of total demand in 2021. Growing use of low–rolling resistance tires to reduce fuel consumption and decrease CO2 emissions should increase solution SBR demand. These performance improvements cannot be achieved with emulsion SBR, so the trend is toward increasing use of solution SBR.

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  • Publish Date: 2022-04-28
  • Chemical Focus: Polymers and Elastomers
  • Number of Pages: 94
  • Content Type: Report
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    • Global summary; regional coverage
    • Producers with annual capacities and plant sites
    • Consumption and five-year forecast by end-use application
    • Price and production figures and trends
    • Trade imports and exports

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