SCUP: High-Performance Anticorrosion Coatings Report

SCUP: Coatings, High-Performance Anticorrosion

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May 2022. High-performance anticorrosion coatings are used to protect metal and concrete structures, tanks, pipes, and processing equipment from deterioration caused by exposure to corrosive environments, including acid rain. These coatings are used chiefly in chemical plants, oil refineries, public utility works, pulp and paper mills, and other facilities; in addition, anticorrosion coatings are used to protect ships, offshore oil drilling rigs and production platforms, and other structures used in marine environments. The same types of coatings tend to be used in each market, and tend to be based mainly on epoxy, urethane, ethyl silicate, and to a lesser extent, acrylic, vinyl, and chlorinated rubber binders. Epoxies account for around 40‒60% of the global market; these coatings are noted for very good chemical and abrasion resistance and for excellent adhesion. The percentage is higher for marine coatings than for protective coatings. Urethanes, accounting for 10‒15% of consumption, display excellent color and gloss retention, good abrasion resistance, and flexibility.

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  • Publish Date: 2022-05-31
  • Chemical Focus: Resins and Coatings
  • Number of Pages: 214
  • Content Type: Report
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    • Global and regional supply/demand and five-year forecast
    • North America, Europe, China, Japan coverage
    • Government regulations, trends and strategic issues
    • Prices and operating characteristics
    • Market participants and size by value and volume

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