SCUP: Lubricating Oil Additives Report

SCUP: Lubricating Oil Additives

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Dec 2021. The overall global lubricating oil additives (LOA) demand growth rate has been slowing, along with lubricant demand. The best growth opportunities are in the rapidly growing Asia Pacific market—especially India. Depending on improvements in political and economic stability, growth should also be better in Central and Eastern Europe, including countries of the former USSR, as well as mainland China and Southeast Asian nations. Brazil is leading growth in South America. Companies that are well-established in these locations are in the strongest position to take advantage of these opportunities. Growth rates for LOA businesses in the developed economies, where the market is highly mature, will remain minimal. The most important considerations in the more economically developed regions include the changing technology in end-use industries (e.g., automotive engine design), government regulations (e.g., lower emissions and lower fuel consumption), and the need to provide attributes that the end-use industries or lubricant manufacturers wish to promote in their marketing strategies (e.g., longer drain intervals and lower maintenance costs).

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  • Publish Date: 2021-12-22
  • Chemical Focus: Specialty Markets
  • Number of Pages: 172
  • Content Type: Report
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    • Global and regional supply/demand and five-year forecast
    • North America, Europe, China, Japan coverage
    • Government regulations, trends and strategic issues
    • Prices and operating characteristics
    • Market participants and size by value and volume

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