SCUP: Thermoplastics—Specialty Films Report

SCUP: Specialty Films

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Dec 2021. A number of companies, the most successful of which are in Japan, have developed new types of films from various high-performance resins during the past decade. Consumed in very small volumes, most of these films are produced in small volumes. Suppliers are seeking niche markets that can benefit from a combination of the films' price and performance characteristics, which generally lie between those of polyester and polyimide films. Japanese companies have made significant strides in commercializing these films because of two factors—the well-developed electronics industry, which is a key market for these films, and the fact that suppliers and end users work closely together to develop applications globally. The long-term prospects are mixed for these small, niche films because they are very expensive and face competition from other specialty films. Among developmental films, PPS, aramid, and LCP films are the largest in terms of consumption volume.

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  • Publish Date: 2022-01-03
  • Chemical Focus: Polymers and Elastomers
  • Number of Pages: 185
  • Content Type: Report
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    • Global and regional supply/demand and five-year forecast
    • North America, Europe, China, Japan coverage
    • Government regulations, trends and strategic issues
    • Prices and operating characteristics
    • Market participants and size by value and volume

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